About Me

Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. I am a Special Education Consultant with the Ottawa Catholic School Board. 
     I am a graduate of both Carleton University (B.A. in English Literature) and the University of Ottawa (B. Ed).   In the field of education, my specialists are in Special Education and in Reading.  I have been teaching for the Ottawa Catholic School Board since 1998.  I have taught grades two to six and I have worked extensively in the area of  Special Education.
    I believe the teaching of students with exceptionalities should involve a range of instructional strategies and technologies to reduce and remove systemic barriers to learning, build self-esteem, increase engagement and reduce learned helplessness.  Shame and stigma are often experienced by exceptional learners. This can shut down a student’s self-esteem and close doors to educational success. Classroom practice should enable the learning of all students. Equity and inclusion are paramount.
    I believe student mental health and social-emotional well being is the foundation of all teaching and learning in the classroom. All students need to feel a sense of belonging and community. Let’s start there!