About Me


     Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. I am a Learning Strategies Teacher in Ottawa, Canada and I look forward to sharing our classroom learning journey with you. This year, I will teach a diverse group of learners with Learning Disabilities. The students will utilize technology, develop self-advocacy skills, and come to understanding their individual strengths and needs as learners. A major focus will be on the students’ Social Emotional Development. Self-regulation is paramount and the underpinning of all learning in the classroom. 
     I am a graduate of both Carleton University (B.A. in English Literature) and the University of Ottawa (B. Ed).   In the field of education, my specialists are in Special Education and in Reading.  I have been teaching for the Ottawa Catholic School Board since 1998.  I have taught grades two to six and I have worked as a Special Education teacher for six years.
     Every day is a new day, with new challenges and learning experiences -even for me!  I look forward to the many opportunities that await me with every student and with every class.
      Social justice issues are a personal interest of mine and are, therefore, incorporated into the curriculum that I present.  I think that it is important to introduce these issues to students, so that they may develop empathy and understanding of the hardship faced by others. I also find students at this age very motivated to learn about these topics, hence increasing their engagement and willingness to tackle academic challenges. Launching questions, identifying problems and finding solutions are all key tools to engage learners. I also believe that students need to have a voice in their own learning and in the world at large.
     Please join us on our journey, as we ignite the flame of learning!